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Today is the eviction hearing for my next door neighbour, and I'm supposed to speak. Basically, she's going to murder my ass afterward. Or maybe before, or during.

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oh noes.

makes sure that if she says anything at all that you find threatening, that you write down and dates and details and what was said. make sure, in case you have to charge her.

and im hoping that you won't, but i'm just saying.

good luck!

thanks for the advice. i'll be sure to do that.

she has threatened me before, but i didn't call the police because when someone called the police on her before she was calm and reasonable while they were there and then threw a scary shit fit 15 minutes after they left. i get woken up almost every night between midnight and 4 a.m. because she screams profanities at the top of her lungs and does other crazy stuff like banging on the walls.

yeah, she sounds like she either has mental health issues, addiction problems, or maybe both.

documenting is key, because if you go to court, and you are all "well one day this happened", unless you have it written down, they don't really pay as much attention. dates and times, and occurances are most important for police, and for the courts, really.

hopefully you don't need to do any of this, but just in case.

i will write more about this later, but there ended up being no hearing--we got adjourned after mediation because legal counsel wasn't present for whatever reason.

anyway, addiction problems were revealed.

and i have been writing down dates and times for the past month and a half, which was why i was asked to be a witness.

Holy crap!
Is this the same neighbour as the crazy one with the baby? Or do you just have all the best luck with neighbours? ;) LOL

i am just really, really lucky...

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