one day my life's gonna flash before my eyes

(so i'm gonna make damn sure it's worth watching)

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Today, I began my plan to work on my thesis for two hours each weekday. This can include any sort of thesis work EXCEPT data-gathering. The trouble is that up until now I've included data-gathering as part of my thesis work, which is all fine and well, because it is technically "working on my thesis", but since my thesis is accelerated I need to actually write. And since I'm also working two jobs and swimming on two teams (i.e., six practices each week up until now, and now eight practices each week), I need to schedule in very specific blocks of time to work on poor, neglected Baby Thesis.

Will I actually pull this off?

I ask myself that a lot. By "this", I mean, my whole masters degree. It's a serious question. I've taken on more than I can logically hope to complete. And by all accounts except my supervisor's, my accelerated masters thesis is about the size of a phd project, so I should have at least twice the time I've actually got to do it.

But this is what I do, non? MORE THAN I CAN. SO LET'S GET TO IT.

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That final line is wonderful.

Good luck with the workload!

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